How we work

About the principals…

Carl Sharoff has over 20 years in residential construction with an emphasis on modular. He is a licensed Construction Supervisor with a degree in design. He has worked in the engineering field and is knowledgeable about subsurface sewage disposal systems, drainage, driveways, etc. 

Mike Steiner – Mike has over 32 years experience in the engineering/surveying field. He boasts a strong background in wetland filings, percolation tests, town meetings and permitting. He is a licensed Construction Supervisor and a native of the Berkshires.

We offer our clients the opportunity to see and touch life size samples of our products. As you probably know, it’s difficult to take a 3 inch by 3 inch sample of something and get a true idea of what you are buying. Our showroom allows our clients to see at full scale the choices they are making for their home.

As our model, we constructed a modular home which stands just outside the mill. Our clients enjoy walking through the model to inspect workmanship and details.

Our slogan is “Building a Better World” and we take it seriously! We use only the most reputable subcontractors in the Berkshires. We aren’t striving to give our clients the most inexpensive house possible; rather we strive to give our clients a quality home for a fair price.