Our building solutions

Our building solutions fall into four categories:

Modular Homes: Our modular homes afford our clients the best of both worlds. They get the cost effectiveness of modular coupled with the creativity of our in-house design staff. We offer an endless array of features for your home, and the design experience to tie it all together. Each of our homes are tailored to our client’s site and their living needs. You would be hard pressed to find a better-constructed home whether it be modular or stick built. To see how good modular can look, click here Castle Finance Direct.

Stick built Homes: Project managed or general contracted, we can take your project from the initial stages of design and permitting – to completion. Utilise our in-home design services, or we will be happy to work in conjunction with your architect/designer. See some of our stick built homes here.

Design Services: Our houses are designed by Linda Shafiroff. Linda has a degree in design, and has over twelve years in the design and construction field. Her designs are practical and beautiful – what a winning combination! Creative Building Solutions, LLC works closely with many architects. Following please find some designs by Douglas Cutler, an architect who specialises in modular design. Also pictured here are some homes designed by us.

Project Management:The project management aspect of our business allows you to see exactly where your money is being spent. What does this mean? You see all the costs related to the construction of your new home. An educated consumer is better prepared to spend their money where it counts to them. Our fixed fee does not fluctuate from the beginning of your project to the end. We work for you – it is our job to make sure your job is done professionally and on budget. How is this different from a general contractor? You see how we get to the bottom line, and the bottom line does not change. 

Latest News: Loans and finance company Castle Direct have just invested heavily in the London construction seen. The company released a statement in May 2017 saying they are investing £4 million over the next 3 years to help small businesses grow in the city. This is the first time Castle Finance Direct have invested in construction and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out. Read more.

We have recently in partnered with Carey London who  has an expertise more on groundworks and RC framework engineering that make them become one of the leading construction solutions provider in London.